Music Writing

I knew I wanted to be a music writer after viewing Cameron Crowe's 2000 film, "Almost Famous." I began interviewing musicians and artists in college for my university's student newspaper, The Daily Kent Stater. I've been lucky enough to interview some of my favorite artists such as Max Bemis, Alanis Morissette, Frank Turner and more. Since my college days, my writing has branched out into other subjects, but music will always be my first love.

“It’s healthy for a band to become slightly less relevant” – Max Bemis on Say Anything’s new album

Say Anything’s new album Hebrews covers a variety of topics from fatherhood and self-doubt to finding your religion. But if there’s one theme that prevails it’s growing up, both musically and personally. After more than a decade as the frontman and brainchild of Say Anything, Max Bemis was bound to be bombarded with claims from supposed fans that he’s “lost his touch,” implying that because he’s now a family man and not the mentally unstable twentysomething who wrote …Is A Real Boy, his music is
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